The workspace platform.

Everything you need to create, operate and manage your space.

One platform for every need.

The new way to manage your portfolio, support workforce flexibility and monetise your available space.

Create exceptional employee experiences while increasing agility and efficiency.

Make all your workspace digital.

With Ingena, create a digital inventory of all your workspace and make it visible to every employee, anywhere in the world.

With live availability and seamless booking in a bespoke app, confusing spreadsheets are things of the past. Booking workspace is as simple and flexible as your employees have come to expect in the rest of their lives.



Bookable is just the beginning.

Making your space bookable isn’t just great for your day-to-day. It’s also easier than ever to rethink how you use your assets around what employees really want.

With everything managed in one place, launching shared space, hot desks and coworking is quick and easy. And with integrated reporting on actual usage, measuring success is easy too.

Plug into a global network.

Seamlessly integrate thousands of third party locations with your portfolio and enable employees to work wherever it makes sense for them.

From a desk near home to space for an entire team, you can encourage people to use workspace when it counts, or trial new ways of working without commitment.

Help every employee feel supported.

Keep your employees engaged and motivated, online or in your branded app. And give them everything they need to plan ahead, whether they’re using a workspace or not.

Better for everyone.

Better for people

87% of employees prefer hybrid working

Better for business

83% of job applicants are more likely to apply for a position with flexible working

Better for the environment

Working closer to home one day a week would save more than 24 million tonnes of CO2 globally

Match your workplace to actual use.

With in-depth data on how people use your space, make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and stay ahead of demand.

See utilisation data by location or drill down into individual rooms, amenities and consumables. Eliminate waste and reduce your carbon footprint. And give your leaders access to relevant data to help them get the most out of their teams.

Enable a fully automated employee experience.

Use Ingena to integrate any products, services and amenities – the possibilities are endless.

  • Bookable amenities

  • Smart building entry

  • Events

  • Food and drink

  • EV charging

  • Gym classes

Everything you need to run your workplace.

Ingena’s modular design lets you pick and choose the features you need.

  • Workplace management

    • Workplace management system
    • Workplace design, equipment & furniture leasing
    • Security & access control
    • IT services, WiFi & hardware
  • User management

    • White label apps & portals
    • Global service centres
    • Issue tracking & ticketing
    • Employee on-boarding support
  • Operations management

    • Contract management
    • Facilities management
    • Operations playbook
    • Training programmes
  • Integrations

    • Billing & payment gateway
    • Workspace & amenity booking
    • Secure connectivity
    • APIs & integrations
  • Marketing & analytics

    • Sales & marketing support
    • Integration across distribution channels
    • Business intelligence, analytics & reporting
    • Customer relationship management
  • Workspace monetisation

    • Demand generation
    • Lead management
    • Price benchmarking
    • Global sales network hubs

Transform your workplace.

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